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We're here to help answer any questions or assist in picking the perfect item. CONTACT US NOW.

Queen Anne Mirror

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This early 18th-century mahogany mirror, from the Queen Anne period, features two original, divided rectangular plates. The wood is fashioned in an elegant, curved pattern on the top third of the mirror, surmounted by two high-relief filigree carvings. The mahogany appears to be waxed and in good condition. The back of the mirror is covered by two identical wood panels. The Queen Anne style of design developed during and after Queen Anne’s reign who ruled Great Britain between 1702 and 1714. While ornamentation and decorative motifs do not feature widely in the Queen Anne style of furniture and architecture, C-curves, acanthus leaves, shells, scrolls, or scallop-shaped motifs are common. The use of this style in the United States, which began in the 1720s, coincided with increased immigration of skilled British craftsmen to the colonies, as well as new colonial prosperity. Boston, in particular, became a hub of production for the Queen Anne style of furniture. Some elements of this style, such as the C-curve and scalloped motifs, remain popular in modern furniture and are emulated by contemporary makers.

At this time in England, the Kingdoms of England and Scotland, both in existence from the 9th century, were “United into One Kingdom by the Name of Great Britain” under the Acts of Union in 1707. The two countries had shared a monarch since the Union of the Crows in 1603, under King James VI of Scotland (15661625). There were several reasons for the Act of 1707: Scotland’s debt and England’s concern about Scotland siding with other countries in European conflicts. Queen Anne (16651714) became the first monarch of the new United Kingdom.