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We're here to help answer any questions or assist in picking the perfect item. CONTACT US NOW.

Putto in Tortoise Frame II

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Instead of displaying an elaborate cornucopia as the centrepiece at your next Thanksgiving meal, why not show off this elegant painting instead? This work features a putto of wealth and good fortune, sitting on a cloud and holding a cornucopia. The word cornucopia is of Latin origin and translates to “horn of plenty.” Cornucopias are symbols of abundance and represent the goat’s horn that nourished Zeus the ancient Greek god of the sky when he was a child. Cornucopias are often traditional centrepieces at feasts and Thanksgiving meals. Associated with Cupid the ancient Roman god of love putti are nude, male infant figures that are common in religious and mythological works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. This particular putto is rendered in smooth, delicate brushstrokes. Although the author of this artwork is unknown, their skill shines through in the careful rendering of the putto’s hair and facial features. Bought from an art dealer in Philadelphia who acquired this painting from an Austrian castle, this work has been professionally restored. Held in a unique faux tortoise shell frame, this work – which has a pendant – will surely be a stunning addition to your home.

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