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We're here to help answer any questions or assist in picking the perfect item. CONTACT US NOW.

Antique Bamboo Easel

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59" x 18"

A late 19th-century English easel. An easel is a type of upright support that is used for displaying or fixing something resting upon it, traditionally used by artists. Easels have been used as a painting support since the time of the ancient Egyptians. In the 1st century AD, author and philosopher Pliny the Elder (23/2479) referenced a “large panel” placed upon an easel. The need for easels spiked significantly in the 13th century, when painting on canvas became a more popular pursuit. As the Renaissance progressed, easels became a staple tool for artists, with the portable easel being invented in the 15th century. Easels are typically made of wood, aluminum, or steel, and their functional design has not changed much since their inception. This antique bamboo easel is an A-frame design, meaning it has three legs; two in the front and one in the back. The triangle shape makes it easier to tuck away, store or flatten, and transport. This easel is built from decorative bamboo, a building material known for its strength, durability, and beauty. Its multi toned surface, combined with the small decorative elements along the top and base, elevate this simple tool into an alluring statement piece in its own right. 

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